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Frequently Asked Questions

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Generator FAQs

How much does it cost to install a home backup generator?

Generator installation cost would start at about $7000 for a typical generator and transfer switch installation. Cost will rise with the generator size and installation options. Alot of the cost depends on the gas meter location and the length of the gas line.

How long will it take to install a home backup generator?

A typical installation of a whole house generator and transfer switch will take one day (two techs eight hours) if the gas and electric meter are located near the generator.

What brands of generators do you recommend?

We primarily install Koher generators. We have had very good luck with reliability and the Kohler family backing their product. That being said we would recommend Kohler.

How often should I have my generator serviced?

We would advise a minimum of once a year.

How do I check or measure my generator's oil level?

With the generator in the off position (not running) pull the dipstick to make sure the level is correct. There should be a line on the dipstick showing the full mark.

How do I fill my generator oil?

On most air cooled units there is a fill cap on top of the valve cover. Most air cooled units take 5W 30 full synthetic oil.

What does the error or fault code on my generator need?

Usually this means something is wrong and the unit will not start or produce voltage. So the unit will not work during a power outage.

What are some things I can check if I have partial power out and the generator is not running?

Check for fault codes in the generator. If the generator is in fault try to reset the fault by turning the unit to off and putting it back in auto. The unit might start, if the unit fails to start, you will need a technician to come out to further troubleshoot the unit.

What if I referred someone to CRG Electric?

Currently if you have purchased a generator from CRG Electric we will give you a $100 referral fee. Kohler will also match the $100 referral fee, depending on if they are running this promotion. There is paper work that is needed to be filled out to receive both. Feel free to call our office for the paperwork.

Do I need a gas meter upgrade with my generator installation?

The only true way to know if you need a gas meter upgrade is to contact the gas company to know. We can assist if needed.

How often do I need a PMA on the generator?

We strongly recommend a minimum of once a year.

Do I need a load bank every year on my generator?

No you do not. The purpose of the load bank is to put a load on the unit so that if something is wrong with the unit, it will fail at that time. If you have not used the generator at all for a power outage we recommend a load bank at the time of the maintenance.

How often should I check the oil on my generator during a power outage?

Alway refer back to the manual for recommendations. I would recommend at least once every 24 hours.

How long will my generator last?

This all depends on how well the generator is maintained and the manufacture. I would say the unit's life expectancy is approximately 15- 20 years.

Will my generator sense a brown out?

The Kohler units will sense low voltage situations (dimming lights) and transfer the home to generator power.

How much does it cost for yearly maintenance?

One trip a year for an air cooled 8-24KW is $230.00. It is best to give the office a call to confirm pricing.

How often does my battery need to be changed in my generator?

We strongly advise the battery to be swapped out every three years. Even if the battery tests good we see lots of battery failures after they are three years old.

Can I sign a continuous maintenance contract so I do not have to sign a new one every year?

We offer a continuous maintenance contract so a contract does not need to be signed every year. If the contract is canceled we need to have this in writing.

Why do I need a maintenance contract?

Maintenance contracts are designed to give you options. These options will also allow us to complete the selected options without you being home and eliminates a second trip to complete the PM.

How long will I be without power during a generator installation?

A typical installation there would be about a three hour power outage during the installation of the transfer switch.

How long will a typical generator installation take?

A typical generator and transfer switch installation will take one day with two technicians from start to finish. When the generator is located farther away from the gas and electric meter the time of the installation would increase.

Electrical FAQs

Do you give free estimates?

Yes we do. You can use the form on our website by clicking the button below or call us at (734) 757-4308 and we'd be more than happy to assist you.

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Do you offer financing?

We do offer financing, use the link below to apply. Rates do change from time to time. We offer many flexible plans from a one year same as cash, a three, five seven and a ten year plan. These are all soft credit checks so it will not show on your credit report if you apply.

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What do I do if my home has a brown out?

I would turn off the main breaker to the home so that the power is off. Brown out/low voltage can damage your appliances.

Do I need a surge protector?

Surge protectors will help in a surge situation. Make sure you are looking at the specs on the surge protector to see what the device will handle for a surge protection.

Do LED bulbs use less energy?

A LED bulb will generally use less energy and be much more energy efficient.

Does my sump pump need to be GFCI protected?

By code a sump pump needs to be GFI protected. We would strongly recommend not GFI protecting your sump pump. If the GFI trips your sump pump will not work and your basement will flood.

Why does my light flicker when my AC starts?

AC units have a very large inrush of current to start the compressor. This will sometimes cause the lights to flicker in the home.

Do we have a tech on call for the weekends?

We always have a technician on call. If you call the office line after hours or the weekend and use the emergency prompt, it will direct you to the call center. They will collect all the needed information then contact the technician on call.

Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?

Sometimes this can be caused by a dead short in the circuit or an overloaded circuit. If the circuit is overloaded you might need a new circuit installed.

Can I put a bigger breaker in if the breaker is overloaded?

No you can not. The circuit breaker is rated to the gauge/amperage of the wire. If the breaker is changed to a higher amperage and the wire is not rated for it you could cause a fire.

Do I have to go to school to become an electrician?

Yes, the State of Michigan requires the apprentice to go to school.

How long does an electrical apprenticeship take?

It takes around four years to become a journeyman electrician, which includes education and apprenticeship.

When can an apprentice take his journeyman's test?

After the apprentice completes four years in the field and the needed schooling the apprentice can then take their Journeyman's test through the State of MI.

How long does it take to become a master electrician?

From the start of the apprenticeship to becoming a Journeyman it takes four years once the Journeyman's test is passed it will take another two years to become a Master electrician.